Short biography:
Rima Alhamedd, an Artist/Architect, was born in Syria in 1986, and based in Stockholm where she is Studying Msc in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design at KTH.  She has a bachelor degree in Architecture from Aleppo University, and studied in the master programme of Chaillot, in restoration and rehabilitation of archeological and historical sites in Damascus.
In 2014 with Yaser Kassab she founded Zenloop productions, a production house, which produced tow film which got an international appreciation, and screened at Cinema du reel, Vision du reel, IDFA festival dei popoli,  and got many prizes, Rima worked as a director assistant and a film editor in these film.
She did two short animation videos and participated in several training workshops related to the development and production of film projects, in Beirut and Istanbul with professional trainees.
Rima also studied Fine Arts and Photography in three schools around Sweden, and did work on several photography projects.

"Park" 2013 - 3 min, 2D animation film. 
"The Roamer" 2020 - 1 min - 2D animation film.
 ”Goodbye Lapis Lazuli”. work in progress 2D animation film.

Film editor "I Have Seen Nothing, I Have Seen All" 2019 - 20 min
Director assistant in "On the Edge of Life" 2017 - 45 min by Yaser Kassab. 

"Moments" 2019 - B&W - Photography Exhibition. 
"Same Scene, Different Places" 2019 - Coloured - Photography Exhibition. 
"Blue Bird" 2019 - Coloured and B&W - Photo Book.
"Second Hand" 2020 - Coloured - Photo Book. 
Short biography:
Yaser Kassab is a filmmaker born in Syria and based in Stockholm, he studied fine arts photography in Sweden, and he is studying master in film at Gothenburg university.
His films got international appreciation and screened at Cinema du reel, Vision du reel, Festival dei popoli, IDFA, RIDM,  and other festivals.
And got many awards, like Joris Ivens award at cinema du reel 2017 as the best first film, and the best mid-length documentary at the 58th edition of Festival dei Popoli/ Florence 2017, and other awards.
His works revolve around the personal issues, and how it reflects the general situation, we see how extraordinary circumstances can change and shape the relationship between the family members, and how it reflects on the way they see the world.
In 2014 Yaser and his partner and filmmaker Rima Alhamedd, founded Zenloop productions.


 “I have seen nothing, I have seen all” 20Min documentary 2019 Premiered at the 50th edition of Vision du reel film festival 2019 Nyon, and screened at 60th edition of festival dei popoli, Carthage, Cairo, and Open city film festival, London shorts, Toronto Arab film festival,
Leiden Shorts
 “On the edge of life" 45Min, documentary 2017 Premiered at the 39th edition of Cinema du reel film festival paris, and officially selected at many other prestigious film festivals like, festival dei popoli, IDFA, RIDM, Tempo.
Awards: Joris Ivens / Cnap award as the best first film at the 39th edition of cinema du reel.
Best mid-length documentary at the 58th edition of Festival dei Popoli.
Best documentary and best mid-length documentary at the 15th edition of Tirana Film Festival. The jury prize at the 13th edition of festival du Film de Famille,Paris. 
" Mixed media" 5Min, video art 2016 premiered at Independent Days 17| International Film Festival, Germany. 
“Take it ” 1Min, video art 2012 Screened at many festivals in the USA and Europe.

- International mentoring initiative, Connecting Stories, a nine-month programme being run with the support of British Council. 

- Winners of Sharjah Film Platform awards: Syrian director Yaser Kassab

-Through Solidarity, We Survive' initiative:
Coculture and Artist Training are also presenting the selected artwork in a Berlin city campaign. The posters will be hung throughout the city (e.g., windows, balconies, billboards, walls, etc.).
* The posters will also be presented in an exhibition and in a city campaign in Oslo during the Oslo World Festival from the 27th of October to the 1st of November, courtesy of Oslo World. 

-Documentary salong 2020 in Norrköping ARBETETS MUSEUM
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