On the edge of life

Duration: 45 MIn documentary
Production country: Syria, 2017
Directed by:Yaser Kassab & Rima Alhamedd
Production company: Zenloop productions
Sound Mix: Bertrand Larrieu
Yaser transcendent from a remote and an empty rest stop in Turkey the process of mourning after losing his younger brother in Aleppo, a relationship with his father has been evolved to a strong emotional connection,  although the noisy voice calls and messages

-Joris Ivens / Cnap prix, which goes to a film of the First International Competition in Cinema du reel film festival.
-Best Mid-Lenght Documentary Award, in the 58th edition of Festival dei Popoli.
-*Best documentary and Best mid-length documentary at the 15th edition of Tirana Film Festival.
-Prix du jury du 13ème Festival du Film de Famille, Nov 2018

-World premiered, Cinema du reel film festival in the 39th edition ,Paris, March 2017,
-South America premiere , Festival EDOC - Encuentros del Otro Cine, in the16th edition, Quito, May, 2017
-Festival Silhouette, in the the16th edition, Paris, August 2017
- Italian premiere, Festival dei popoli at the 58th edition in the official selection international competition, Florence- Italy October 2017
-Official competition at the 15th edition of Tirana international film festival, Nov 2017
-Official competition at the 11th edition of Pravo ljudski film festival, Nov 2017
-Dutch premiere, IDFA in its 28th edition, paradox section, Nov 2017
-North America premiere, RIDM in it's 20th edition, Short and Medium-Length Competition, Nov 2017
-At the 18th edition of Le Mois du Film Documentaire
-Karama 8's official nominees for the Arab Network for Human Right Film Festivals (ANHAR)
-The 13th edition of Hors Pistes festival Jan 2018
-Nordic premiere at Tempo documentary film festival March, 2018
-Gabes Film Festival in the short film competition, March 2018
-Beirut art center june 2018
-Festival des cinémas arabes, documentary competition, Paris, july 2018
-BIFED - Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary, Oct 2018
-Arabisches Filmfestival, Tübingen 2018
- Le Festival du Film de Famille, Nov 2018

-سوريا.. على حافة الحياة ٩ أبريل ٢٠١٧ محمد موسى

-تنويعات وثائقيات سورية في السرد والجمالية 30/07/2018 علاء رشيدي



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